Counter-Errorism in Systems

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Knowledge is not enough. We must apply.
Willing is not enough. We must do. 

Safety comes as a by-product of high-performance. Are you and your teams not performing as high as you or they want?

Our experience is that both leaders and teams struggle with reflection and learning. They say they do debriefs and learn, but the evidence is that they don't and the environment doesn't allow constructive dissent and frank reflection. This means the team and organisation miss the possibilities for improvement. People learn most effectively when there is psychologically-safe environment which allows them undertake experiential activities in which deeply reflect and abstract from the educational setting to their own workplace. Developing effective non-technical skills through serious gameplay is how we achieve your goal of having a high-performance team.

Using a domain-agnostic simulator, the Interpersonal Skills LAB, allows emotive, interactive, and stressful team learning to take place in a manner which can be measured and improvements demonstrated. Transferring the learning to the workplace happens by setting personal goals and following up with coaching.

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Is your Organisational Learning lacking and so the same adverse events keep happening?

The gaps between what should happen ('Work as Imagined'), what happens within the business ('Work as Done'), and what people will tell you what really happens ('Work as Disclosed') pose a risk for organisations. Not just because when something bad happens the organisational leadership and the regulator will look at what you are supposed to be doing, but also because you will find out the resources you've been wasting, or the innovations that your teams are applying and could be shared, but aren't.

The key to identifying where these gaps are is based on understanding and applying the five principles of Human AND Organisational Performance: 

  • Human error is normal.

  • Blame adds no value to learning.

  • Context drives behaviour.

  • How you (leaders) respond matters.

  • Learning and improvement are vital for success.

Supporting these principles are the need for a psychologically-safe environment and a Just Culture. Psychological safety helps identify critical issues by encouraging learning from intelligent failure and developing constructive dissent, and a Just Culture increases the likelihood of learning through context-rich reporting and story-telling after an event because workers and leaders know they won't be blamed for systemic weaknesses.

We run highly interactive, engaging and thought-provoking workshops focusing on developing your knowledge and practice surrounding HOP, learning reviews, psychological safety, and a Just Culture. If you've realised compliance isn't enough for high-performance, get in touch. 

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