Unlock your team's potential

Do your teams spend more time competing with each other than working together?

Do your teams feel undervalued which impacts on their morale, work and client's/patient safety?

Are your team members disengaged, bored and not taking responsibility?

We can help you unlock the high performance within you and your team to improve productivity, create a psychologically safe environment and reduce stress.

We do this by working with you to understand your problems and developing a bespoke solution that fits your needs using our detailed knowledge and experience in non-technical skills. We don't give you some spare fingers to put in the leaking dam, we look at the wider system issues and provide solutions to those. Solutions which will work in business, healthcare, education sectors and high risk domains such as oil & gas and diving.

Team diversity & teamwork

"Why can't he just understand what I am saying to him? Its not like I am talking a different language!"

Diversity within a team is a key indicator for high performance. However, diversity introduces challenges when it comes to communication. Individualised and adaptable communication is essential to ensure your message is understood.

There is a need to be valued

"Why doesn't my boss/team understand the effort I am putting in? A simple acknowledgement to that effect would be great!"

Being valued means different things to different people. Understanding what those motivators are is essential if you are to improve morale and performance. Recognition of needs can be easily be facilitated through effective communication.

Dealing with distress

"I wish she would just stop micro-managing this project and me. Can't she see I can do my job and do it to right!"

"People don’t leave jobs, they leave managers" The reason? Stress, or more correctly distress. By understanding the development of distress and applying simple communication techniques, you can efficiently develop teams and enable cohesion and co-operation.

Our aim? To unlock the high performance which resides within every team and individual.

The result...Better retention, increased engagement, less stress, higher productivity and efficiency.

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"Fantastic opportunity to reflect on ones own practices, team and leadership skills, his training enhanced team dynamics and effectiveness."

David Hepburn
Consultant, ABUHB ICU Team

"A much greater insight into key components of communication and understanding of non-technical skills. This programme really helped to separate them out from the clinical decisions which can then be handled retrospectively. "

Caroline Toolan
Cardiothoracic Surgeon

"The training not only reinforced my correct, hard-won paradigms, but revealed new methods for team building, maintenance and improvement. "

Terrence Tysall
Director for Training, NAUI Worldwide HQ

"Truly two of the most productive days I have had in regards to personal and professional development. The best part about the training is Gareth provides students with the tools to take what has been discussed in the course and implement it in our own courses and dive teams. "

Jon Kieren
Training Director, TDI/SDI/ERDI


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