"Failure is not an option..."

Gene Krantz, Apollo 13 Flight Director*







"A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way."
John C Maxwell

Leadership can be a lonely place. If you've tried most things (including line dancing!) and you still find things aren't working to develop and lead your team, consider applying the knowledge and attitude from high risk domains where critical failures are understood and managed effectively. Learn to fail safely.


"...in my experience, in the most innovative companies, teaming is the culture."
Dr Amy Edmondson

Modern businesses, including healthcare, operate in a dynamic and uncertain environment where unknown knowns are common place. This means teams must come together in a short period of time and operate effectively. The ability to create psychological safety is therefore essential. 


"How we say something is often more important than what we say"
Dr Taibi Kahler

Effective communication underpins leadership, management, teamwork, followership and decision-making. However, most communications training is focussed on the technical message rather than the perception of the received message by the listener. 

Unlocking the high performance within you and your team by using a unique combination of experience, knowledge and mindset from domains where failure can lead to the loss of life, but recognising we need to fail safely in everything we do if we are to continue on a journey towards excellence.

Our aim? To unlock the high performance which resides within every team and individual.

The result...Better retention, increased engagement, less stress, higher productivity and efficiency.

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"Fantastic opportunity to reflect on ones own practices, team and leadership skills, his training enhanced team dynamics and effectiveness."

David Hepburn
Consultant, ABUHB ICU Team

"A much greater insight into key components of communication and understanding of non-technical skills. This programme really helped to separate them out from the clinical decisions which can then be handled retrospectively. "

Caroline Toolan
Cardiothoracic Surgeon

"The training not only reinforced my correct, hard-won paradigms, but revealed new methods for team building, maintenance and improvement. "

Terrence Tysall
Director for Training, NAUI Worldwide HQ

"Truly two of the most productive days I have had in regards to personal and professional development. The best part about the training is Gareth provides students with the tools to take what has been discussed in the course and implement it in our own courses and dive teams. "

Jon Kieren
Training Director, TDI/SDI/ERDI

*We take integrity really seriously, so when we see something interesting, we go digging. Gene Krantz never actually said "Failure is not an option..." it was a phrase created by a script writer for the film although Gene used it as the title of his autobiography as everyone associated the phrase with him.


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