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  • Continually frustrated with the wrong tool being applied to your problem?
  • Standard training that is delivered to your unique environment and it isn't working?
  • Role playing exercises which don't engage nor transfer the knowledge?

Human in the System only works with innovative organisations with senior managers, HR directors, learning and development teams who want to make a difference and employ solutions that work.

Finding the needle in the haystack isn't easy when it comes to human performance issues...

High Performance Teamwork

Teams don't just happen! They require visible leadership, committed followers and role clarity. They need effective communications which underpins all of the above, especially when levels of stress start to rise within the workplace.

Teams not talking the same language and going off in different directions? We provide targeted teamwork development solutions for high risk organisations using GemaSim as a fun and effective tool to identify team performance issues and then fix them!

Individualised Communications

If high performance within a team is your goal, then you need to apply individualised communication. How many times have 'broadcast' communications been lost within the team or organisation. Media, PR and emails can all be written with perceptions and motivations in mind. Get the motivation right, and the team will follow.

We provide training in the Process Communication Model which facilitates excellence in leadership, followership, team-working, decision-making and situational awareness.

Psychological Safety and Just Culture

Learning and teaming require trust to be developed. However, trust cannot be present when people are unable to speak up and question how things are because of fear of social or disciplinary retribution. 

We use a combination of theory and practice to create trust in short periods of time. We then develop the notion of failing safely and learning from failures to improve performance. If you are in a high risk industry, you cannot afford to not learn from minor failures to improve performance.

The tools we use to develop individual and team performance

Process Communication Model

The Process Communication Model is an award-winning personality and communications model which was used for nearly 20 years as part of the NASA astronaut selection process. It has been validated in the academic literature and is the only personality model which provides a specific communication toolset that allows people to enhance their communication and manage distress. The training provides simple, real practical skills about how to communicate and not just pigeon-hole people as 'XYZ' personality. Knowing you are 'XYZ' doesn't help others communicate with you or you with others! More than 1.2 million people's lives have been changed as a consequence of being able to communicate clearly! 

Lots of background information about PCM here for those who want to dig deeper and our blog has many examples of the results of improved communications due to PCM.

See how PCM can solve your business communication issues See how PCM can solve your healthcare team communication issues

The Process Communication Model

Enhanced vision through the lens of perception

"One hospital we worked with trained all of their nurse managers in PCM and within one year they obtained US$250,000 of savings just in turnover, because the relationships between the nurses have changed. And that's significant for a $30 million hospital."
Nate Regier, PhD. Next Element CEO, Author, Compassionate Accountability, Leadership Communication & Conflict Advisor

Want to know how the Process Communication Model can be used to stop that feeling of wanting to throttle your boss or your team member for behaving the way they did?


GemaSim is a computer-based simulation designed by psychologists to enhance teamwork and performance by creating a stressful, time-bound and challenging environment in which the only way to complete the mission in time is to operate coherently as a team with clear roles, unambiguous communication, effective leadership & followership and robust decision-making.

The majority of the learning does not happen during the execution but rather the detailed and reflective debriefs which are facilitated by our trained staff and coaching goals which are part of every intervention we deliver.

Human in the System are the sole licence holders for GemaSim in the UK so unless you've had training from us, you've seen nothing like this!

“This is the most powerful simulation tool for assessing individual and group behaviour that I have come across.  Some of the most dysfunctional “teams” I have observed have been at the ‘top’ of civilian organizations variously called the executive team, the board etc. These teams are often made up of big egos that may have got to the top because they are the leading player or expert in their part of the organization…

This [GemaSim] is a rare case of a behavioural simulation that would be used with top executive teams, who would consider it below their station  to “play” with lego toys. GemaSim uses modern technology but which can ruthlessly expose the dysfunctionalities of top teams. The learning outcomes are basically the same, only the means are different.”

Brian Dive, Author Mission Mastery



"This research project, which evaluated over 500 U.S. Air Force combat aviators, resulted in statistically significant lasting improvement (Kirkpatrick’s Level III) in aviator performance at the end of the training through several of the innovative learning technologies. GemaSim was one of these technologies that proved statistical success in student critiques (Kirkpatrick’s Level I), evidence of learning (Kirkpatrick’s Level II), and positive change of behavior (Kirkpatrick’s Level III) four to six weeks after the GemaSim training, during their final check ride. The uniqueness of GemaSim is it allows the student to “experience” stress in a serious gaming environment, forcing students to apply the CRM knowledge learned in class. This is where “learning” occurs which can’t be replicated in a classroom."
David Kaiser, VP and CTO CTI

Full Report

Want to know how using a highly-finessed computer game designed by psychologists can lead to amazing insights into your own and your team's performance?

"Constructive and insightful course. Delivered to a multi-disciplinary team to help open perceptions and unlock the learning that safety is intrinsic to a high performing team"

Michael Griffin
CEO Griffin Hotel Group

"The class was an honest look at some, at times uncomfortable, truths in a safe environment which empowers you to become a far more competent team player"

Francesco Cameli
Engineer/Producer, Owner at Sphere Studios

"It became painfully obvious what my default non-technical skills are in a new situation. The training also provided realistic strategies for awareness and improvement of those skills."

Donna R.
HR Director


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