Essential Self Awareness Skills

Discover PCM

Learning to understand yourself to develop resilience, internal motivational skills and effective communications.

With the Process Communication Discover PCM programme you will gain an insight into:

  • Your own behaviour
  • The behaviour of others
  • The cause of conflicts and miscommunication and how you can influence this effectively
  • The quick and practical realisation of effective communication and stress reduction

During this one-day course you will become acquainted with the Process Communication Model. You will gain an insight into the logic and possible application of the model. You will learn the value of the model in difficult situations in the area of ​​communication and cooperation. You will be able to apply newly acquired knowledge during fun and valuable exercises and reflect on your own practical situations. Together, with the other course participants, you will discover where your strength is and how you can make contact even easier, even with those you are having trouble with. You will take steps which will get you started immediately and increase your personal effectiveness and that of those around you.


At the end of the training you will have:

  • Knowledge of the logic and structure of the basic concepts of the Process Communication Model® when applied to your own self.
  • Knowledge and understanding of your own communication profile and leadership style to better understand and approach others from there.
  • Robust procedures and skills to handle difficult situations or to restore the relationship.
  • The ability to better connect with the experiences of others and build stronger relationships to give a positive impulse to your relationships and results.

Included in the course price is your own 30+ page personal profile, a 100+ reference manual and learning materials which will help you keep the skills learned fresh and applicable to your personal and professional life.

Research has shown that patterns of communications - together with body language - can account for 50% of the variation between poorly performing groups and highly performing teams. - Alex Pentland, MIT 
£395 - Book a place now...places limited. 18 April 2018.

Learn more about PCM

Still not sure if PCM is for you? Download this information leaflet which will explain how PCM can be used to improve teamwork and leadership through honest, open and focused communication.

“If your emotional abilities aren't in hand, if you don't have self-awareness, if you are not able to manage your distressing emotions, if you can't have empathy and have effective relationships, then no matter how smart you are, you are not going to get very far.”

Daniel Goleman


"I highly recommend any organization to invest in this training if they want to genuinely take their leadership to the next level!"

Chris Burt
Chief HR Officer at GM Financial

"One hospital we worked with trained all of their nurse managers in PCM and within one year they obtained US$250,000 of savings just in turnover, because the relationships between the nurses have changed. And that's significant for a $30 million hospital."

Nate Regier, PhD
Owner of Next Element, USA

"Our business, post PCM, is a completely different business. It has 100%, no doubt, increased our profitability "

Gavin Bradley
Owner Luvly Marketing


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