NASA and The Process Communication ModelĀ®

pcm general Jul 22, 2017

Between 1978 and 1996 Dr Terence McGuire, who was NASA’s lead psychiatrist for manned space flight, used the Process Communication Model (PCM®) as his principle tool for Astronaut recruitment, selection and team selection. He chose PCM after hearing about Dr Taibi Kahler’s creation of the model. Dr Kahler had sat in with Dr McGuire on a psychiatric assessment selection interview, the aim of which was to decide which of the applicants was the ‘right stuff’ to go on into the manned space flight program. For the first five to ten minutes of each interview, Dr Kahler sat quietly with a notepad writing down comments, he then put his pad down and at the end of the two-hour interview exchanged notes with Dr McGuire who was amazed to discover that Dr Kahler had gleaned more from the candidate in ten minutes than he had in the complete interview. Knowing that Kahler had done this by using his PCM theory, he decided PCM would become an integral part of the...

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