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GemaSim - A unique capability...

“This is the most powerful simulation tool for assessing individual and group behaviour that I have come across.  Some of the most dysfunctional “teams” I have observed have been at the ‘top’ of civilian organizations variously called the executive team, the board etc. These teams are often made up of big egos that may have got to the top because they are the leading player or expert in their part of the organization…

This [GemaSim] is a rare case of a behavioural simulation that would be used with top executive teams, who would consider it below their station  to “play” with lego toys. GemaSim uses modern technology but which can ruthlessly expose the dysfunctionalities of top teams. The learning outcomes are basically the same, only the means are different.”

Brian Dive, Author Mission Mastery

GemaSim has also been used in the Healthcare environment to develop Non-Technical Skills. The ability to work across authority gradients using team members from different roles is extremely beneficial. Furthermore, the ability to isolate Non-Technical Skills from clinical skills when individuals are developing them has been considered as unique and very welcome. 

"A much greater insight into key components of communication and understanding of non-techincal skills. This programme really helped to separate them out from the clinical decisions which can then be handled retrospectively.”,
Caroline Toolan, Cardiothoracic Surgeon, ST5B cohort

GemaSim in Action

Why a space-based simulation? The reason being is that it is a great leveller. No-one can bring previous operational or technical expertise to the missions and have an advantage. This means nurses and consultants can train together, the same for newly qualified instructors and instructor trainers, and junior managers and the CEO can all operate together. It also means that technical skills e.g. surgical procedures or financial decisions can be isolated from the non-technical skills and the latter becomes the focus of the learning and development.

In the video clip, the team have been given a mission to plan from the manuals, they then have a number of checks to carry out, including loading the route into the mission computer, and then proceed around the galaxy carrying out specific tasks (planned and pop-up) before getting back to GemaBase (home) before the clock runs out and collecting as many points as possible. During the mission we can see certain 'Human Factors Skills' behaviours being displayed. The real learning happens in the debrief.

GemaSim: Immersive training that demonstrates true behaviours; there is no hiding.

“Fantastic opportunity to be in an 'equalising environment' and focus on non-technical skills, very insightful”


GemaSim is a computer based, non-technical skills training- and assessment tool. It's all about effective personal and team behaviour.

Scientific Basis

Gemasim represents the missing link between pure professional training and the challenges of daily business. Number of research papers citing utility of GemaSim in performance development.

The Simulator

Depending on the stage of their flight and the actual task to be performed, the crew members will focus on either their specific workstation screen, or the task or operations manual.

Decision Making

Behaviour of important decision makers in critical and stressful situations is vital for safety, error management, stability and crisis resistance of every organisation.


Pressure and stressful situations need utmost attention, as they often come along with increased failure rates, communication break downs, conflicts, and poor performance of teams and/or a whole organisation.

Assessment Centres

Get rid of boring group discussions. Challenge your assessment participants with a complex task! GemaSim is so engaging, there is no faking this!!

Robust Credibility

In aviation, and more recently in nuclear power plants, oil and gas and healthcare, task analysis and corresponding behavioural marker systems have been developed and validated. The developers of GemaSim have been involved in research projects on behavioural markers and have incorporated relevant scientific findings into this training tool.

Different professional groups operation at specific levels of responsibility within an organisation, and having different accountabilities, have different training needs in terms of behavioural patterns and industry-specific processes.

Research shows the importance of not focussing exclusively on individual traits, skills and behavioural patterns but also on situation-specific training as well.

GemaSim provides the missing link between purely professional training (which often does not take the individual into a real performance pressure situation) and the challenges of daily business. It includes industry-specific technical knowledge and know-how combined with critical team processes when working under pressure.

GemaSim offers the highest degree of flexibility in order to satisfy these varying requirements.

GemaSim uses robust behavioural markers as a basic structure which we then adapt with the client to fit into specific teamwork scenarios that are tailored to different professional environments. This includes HR assessment screening centres as it there is no 'playing the game' when engaged in GemaSim and true behaviours are exhibited.

Published research where GemaSim has been used to develop teams can be found here:

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